Why Stephens' Woodwork?

Every project that I build is built with the same passion and attention to detail that I put in my own furniture.  My goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Who am I?

My name is Gary Stephens.  I have a loving and supportive wife, Jenny, who does an amazing job as a stay at home mother for our two beautiful daughters Haley and Peyton.  Haley is the oldest and really loves calling herself daddy's little garage helper because she loves to be in the shop while I'm working.  She really loves it when we get little projects for her to build and decorate.

I learned woodworking at a very young age while working with my dad in the garage.  I was mainly building car speaker boxes, which didn't require a lot of precise cutting, a few "decorative" shelves and a couple of computer desks.  They all turned out okay but they were no where close to being considered fine cabinetry.  I sometimes think mediocre was even pushing the limits to describe the end results.  Thinking back now, I didn't really appreciate the artistry and attention to detail that went into the things my dad was building and what he was trying to teach me.  He was always trying to teach me the correct way to do things and why but I was young and always thought that my way would be quicker and easier.

Now that I am making more of a career out of woodworking I am learning to appreciate all the things my dad was trying to teach me.